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              鞏義市安博耐火材料有限公司地處河南省會鄭州與古都洛陽之間的中原新城鞏義市.南依中嶽嵩山.北臨九曲黃河.山青水秀.美麗富饒.人傑地靈.隴海鐵路、310國道貫穿其間,交通運輸十分便利,耐火材料礦産資源豐富 、品質優良,爲發展耐火材料行業造就了得天獨厚的優勢 ,是全國重要的耐火材料生産基地之一...

          • The product uses fused corundum as the main raw material. adds special additives. uses special production technology to realize microporous. The performance of the product has reached or exceeded the level of the ceramic cup refractories imported from abroad. among which the three technical indexes of alkali resistance. slag erosion resistance and micro porosity are better than the material level of the imported ceramic cup. The product passed the achievement appraisal organized by henan Provincial Science and technology Department in 2002. which is the first one in China and the product performance has reached the international advanced level. It is suitable for ceramic cup. tuyere. iron mouth. slag mouth and other parts of large and medium-sized blast furnaces. It has been applied to dozens of blast furnaces such as 3200 cubic blast furnace of WisCO. 2000 cubic blast furnace of Tiangang. 1260 cubic blast furnace of Liusteel and 497 cubic blast furnace of Hangang.
          • Clay brick. also known as sintered brick. is a small artificial block material for construction. Clay brick is made of clay (including shale. coal gangue and other powder materials) as the main raw material. treated by mud. forming. drying and roasting. with solid and hollow respectively.
          •  The product is a new material developed with reference to the hot blast furnace technology designed by Russia. The product has good softening temperature under load and excellent thermal shock stability. It has been applied to more than 10 hot blast furnaces of this type in Laigang and Huaisteel.
          • High load soft. low creep high alumina brick is made of high grade alumina. fused corundum and fused mullite as the main raw materials. The product has the advantages of low creep at high temperature. strong erosion resistance and good thermal shock stability. suitable for large and medium-sized hot blast stoves.

          • With the progress of smelting technology. in order to further improve the service life of ladle tank. the steel mill has carried out the trial of non-carbon steel coated brick. The brick joints are filled with aluminum and magnesium clay produced by Henan Ambo Co.. LTD. The clay can meet the requirements of construction operation. and the quality of the clay remains stable
          • Special refractory mud is an ideal joint material developed by special admixture on the basis of analyzing the imported refractory mud from Japan and combining with the national conditions of our country. It is suitable for the construction of refractory bricks in high-temperature kilns and other thermal equipment in metallurgical system. The product has stable performance. easy to use. no trapped material. strong adhesion. can quickly produce strength. good masonry performance. no flow. suitable hardening time. this series of products have been widely used in the national iron and steel enterprises for many years. welcomed by users.
          • It is mainly used for lining blast furnace. hot blast furnace. top of electric furnace. blast furnace. reverberator furnace and rotary kiln. In addition. high alumina brick is also widely used as open furnace regenerative grid brick. gating system plug. nozzle brick and so on. But the price of high aluminum brick is higher than clay brick. so it is not necessary to use high aluminum brick where clay brick can meet the requirements.
          •  蓄熱球又稱球狀蓄熱體,球狀蓄熱體具有熱震穩定性好 、蓄熱量大、強度高、易清洗、可重複利用等優點.适用于氣體及非氣體燃料工業爐的蓄熱球燃燒系統選用.
            The high efficiency regenerative ball produced by our company has a specific surface area up to240m2/m3.
            Many small balls divide the air flow into small streams. and the air flow passes through the heat accumulator. forming strong turbulence and effectively breaking through the surface layer of the heat accumulator. Moreover. because of the small ball diameter. small conduction radius. small thermal resistance. high density and good thermal conductivity. the requirement of frequent and fast change of the heat accumulator nozzle can be realized.
            Heat accumulators are available20 ~ 30time/hAfter the high-temperature flue gas flows through the bed of heat accumulator. the flue gas can be reduced to130Left and right discharge.
            High temperature gas and air can respectively preheat to a temperature only lower than flue gas in the same path through the regenerator100Around. the temperature efficiency is up to high90%The above.
            Because the volume of heat accumulator is very small and the circulation capacity of the ball bed is strong. the heat transfer index will not be affected even if the resistance increases after ash accumulation.
            The regenerative ball has the characteristics of oxidation resistance and slag resistance.
            The ceramic ball is easy to change and clean. and can be reused.
            Refractory ball mainly used for energy storage and heat storage of hot blast stove in metallurgical industry. Alumina thermal storage ball has high purity. high strength and good thermal shock stability.Long service life and other advantages. heat storage ball is a kind ofAL2O3. kaolin. synthetic aggregate. mullite crystal and other materials. According to the rolling system and machine pressure molding method of two. The product has the advantages of high strength. good thermal shock resistance. easy replacement and cleaning. long service life. etc. Regenerative ceramic balls are mainly ceramic balls. porous cylindrical ceramic ball. ceramic ball three. the product has high temperature resistance. corrosion resistance. good thermal shock resistance. high density. small heat resistance. high strength. large storage heat quantity. heat conduction performance is good and other significant advantages. particularly suitable for thermal storage air separation equipment and steel blast furnace gas heating furnace for heat storage packing. Through double preheating of gas and air. this technology can realize stable ignition even if the inferior fuel with low calorific value. so that the combustion temperature can quickly meet the requirements of steel billet heating for steel rolling.

          Henan Ambo Refractory Material Co.. LTD
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          聯系人 :許經理  
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          To & have spent   Address: Beishankou Town. Gongyi City. Henan Province
          Our company in 1999 through GB/T 19001-2000-ISO 9001:2000 quality system certification. henan province & LDquo; High-tech Enterprise & RDQUO; . Our company's microporous corundum brick. high thermal conductivity microporous molding carbon. new al2o3-sic-c brick for hot iron pretreatment are authorized as the national technical invention patent.
          At the end of March 2009. Gong Yi anbo authorized three new invention patents on the basis of the original four patents: 1. Carbon composite brick and its production method 2. lining structure of torpedo tank and aluminum silicon carbide carbon brick and high aluminum brick for torpedo tank 3. Aluminum silicon carbide carbon brick for torpedo tank and torpedo tank lining structure...
          Our factory employs Professor Lin Binyin of Wuhan University of Science and Technology as the chief engineer to form a research and development team based on the famous refractory experts of Wuhan University of Science and Technology and Henan University of Science and Technology. The kiln design expert team based on wuhan Iron and Steel Design and Research Institute is our company's production.
          Links: Made in China network qualification certification
          Copyright (C) henan Ambo Refractory Co.. LTD. All Rights Reserved. Contact Person: Manager Xu Mobile: 13592608515&NBsp; Email: xvyf163@hotmail.com & NBSP; Address: Beishankou Town. Gongyi City. Henan Province
          郵編:451200  QQ:40999990      Prepare ICP 14010537-1
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